Monday, August 2, 2010

Thing #9 Sharing Information Through Jing & Skype

Ok, how have I never known about Jing? That is awesome! I think Jing would be a great way to create tutorial videos for students. Students could even create their own "how to" videos for their classmates, so we would have a class tutorial bank.

I think that the use of Skype could open up the possibilites of working with classes all over the world. I have seen online service projects with schools from not only different states but different countries working together in all of the core content areas. I think the possibilities for WAIS to move in the direction of working with classes from different parts of the world is incredibly exciting.


  1. How did you move so fast trough the tools :)? Impressive! It gives me hope the task could be done in reasonable time.

  2. SKYPE would be great for getting our kids to connect with other classes in different parts of the world! And, it is relatively simple. I got to see my new nephew for the first time on Skype. Awesome!